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released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Spirit of Play London, UK

Est. 2008. Survivors of the Geek Calendar, the Sky Arts Book Show, the Green Man Festival etc.

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Track Name: Late Heavy Bombardment
The late heavy bombardment of the earth
Might not have happened but if it did, how did it work?
Did it leave bruises on the moon
Because the music of the spheres went out of tune?

A late rush of rocks displaced in outer space,
Neptune and Saturn in disarray,
Produced an asteroid we could not avoid;
Were we lucky not to be destroyed?

My friends from MIT, they tried to explain

Here it comes, so brace yourself for the late heavy bombardment
It’s coming straight for you and everybody else, the late heavy bombardment
It’s going to be quite the catharsis,
the late heavy bombardment

The late great arrival of H2O
Is said to have occurred 4 billion years ago
The drops that make the seas and fall from the skies,
The mist and spray, the tears that rain from your eyes

My friends from Caltech, they tried to explain
My friends from UCL, they tried to explain
Track Name: Century
leave the key, leave the key
in the lock in the front door
a stranger knocks, says
are you sure
in this day and age
you can take that chance?
well, go round the back and
in we climb

down the road, that western road
there’s a house that once was sold
that’s her home, yes
that’s her home
born and bred, born and bred
while we moved away
but we gather now and
she’s a century

it was - one hundred years
living in the same house
in that town that faces south
facing out to sea
she was living there by herself
outlived her family
and we were not so far away
living hand to mouth

lead me back, lead us back
we’d like to look again
see the window pane, see
see the house again
not the same
course, it’s not the same
and the neighbourhood is
locked and alarmed

a picture frame, it’s not the same
but it borders on the past
and she is sitting there where
she can touch the glass
the way things were
in another key
and here we are
Track Name: Invasion
I don’t want your money
I don’t want your time
I just want your ocean
I want to make it mine

life is for the drifting
where I drift is home
no point in resisting
you know I’m not alone

in bloom, so wave a tentacle,
we’re blooming, and it’s a funny thing,
but you might feel a little sting now
in bloom, you’d better save yourselves and
make room, because we’re coming,
yes, we’re coming to a harbour near you soon

no brain – no heart, no bones
arms six metres long
they say there’s strength in numbers
you could say we’re strong